About Team

Van Gujjar Tribal Yuva Sangathan (link to their Summary)


  • AMEER HAMZA: Ameer is the founder of Van Gujjar Tribal Yuva sangathan. He exhibits great vibrancy towards bringing up his community. Apart from being an avid bird enthusiast and nature guide, his awareness of traditional pastoral ecological and cultural knowledge of Van Gujjars is on point. He is instrumental in coordinating the community for Gujjarano Aina. 


  • RESHMA KHATOON: Reshma is an energetic young mother of three children who actively participated in organising workshops for the community in Gori Range. She is a gifted singer and recites many traditional songs. She is not only an excellent cook but also takes interest in learning about the rights of Van Gujjars. 

  • AMAN: Aman is the President of the community’s Eco Development Committee and an active member of Van Gujjar Tribal Yuva Sangathan, Aman is a motivated individual who is actively involved in organising and mobilising the community’s youth. He keeps himself updated about schemes and programmes that can benefit the community. He is also an avid bird watcher, trekkers and nature enthusiast. 



  • Asma, 13
  • Yunus, 8
  • Mohammad, 12


  • Marina bibi,8
  • Aisha Bibi, 13
  • Rukhsana Bibi,10
  • Taiba Khatoon, 4
  • Rehan Mohammad, 6
  • Raziya Bibi, 10
  • Nusrat Mohammad,6
  • Intezaar, 14

Pathri and Gendikhata

  • Mohammad, 14
  • Farid Gulam,12
  • Afsa Ashraf,5
  • Tamkina Irshad, 10
  • Asif Mustafa, 12
  • Yasin Yusuf,10
  • Asif Saifi,12
  • Arif Mustafa,12
  • Zainab Akbar,5
  • Aarif Saini,12
  • Arif Yamin, 12
  • Intezar Irshaad,8
  • Fareeda, 11





  • DEVYANI NIGHOSKAR: Devyani Nighoskar worked as the co-lead for this project aiding in concept, production, workshop facilitation and field-work. She is a  freelance journalist and social researcher; capturing                                                                                      turing stories about culture, identity, gender, development, social justice and its intersections. Writing for various national and international publications; she first got involved with the Van Gujjars whilst reporting on them for a feature story for Al Jazeera. Devyani strongly believes in the power of field research and storytelling to create a positive impact.

  • ZUHA FATHIMA JUNAIDI: Zuha is the co-lead of the project and a member of Sha Fooshalal Shanti Bai Nahar Foundation. She has been working towards implementation of Forest Rights Act, 2006 in Uttarakhand. She believes in community participation and leadership to bring about long term social change. 


  • VARNA LABS (link to their website)



  • SWATI PUNAMIYA: Swati Punamiya, is a post graduate in Management and has more than 6 years of experience in Banking Operations. She has over 2 years of experience in blog / article writing, and English to Hindi translation. She is currently associated with the start-up of an educational app and leads their content team. She worked as a Hindi translator and Hindi content editor  for this project. 

  • SHUBHAM KUMAR SINGH: Shubham is a first-year Engineering student at The Northcap University in Gurgaon. Committed to social change; he enjoyed working as a Hindi translator for this project and also helped out with administrative and marketing work. 


  • Aditya Kesanupalli
  • Micheal 



We are grateful to our partners and donors, without whom the project would not have come through.


  • Sha Fooshalal Shanti Bai Nahar foundation
  • Eshwar Prasad
  • Ritam Nandy
  • Mehul Fadnavis
  • Rshba Raina
  • Peter Roper
  • Chaitanya Nighoskar & family